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Pakistan Flour Mills Association South Zone (Sindh) is a leading organization and recognized body of the Flour Mills Industry. We have our Central Office at Lahore and Four Zonal Branches are in Sindh, Balochistan, Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Pakistan Flour Mills Association South Zone (Sindh) office was established in 1972, while the Association primarily constituted in 1949 under the name of Punjab Flour Mills Association. During the last 60 years, there has been tremendous increase in the milling capacity in Pakistan, with the passage of time, the Association has grown up to the most dignified posture and domination structure as the function of the Association was broad-based on all over Pakistan basis in 1960.
Consequent upon dismemberment of one unit into original and existing four Provinces in 1970 it was again re-organized and re-oriented. The branch offices of the Association were opened in all four provinces to deal with the provincial governments in Food Department and tackle the problems and difficulties of the Flour Mills. The central office of the Association was left to look into the affairs of the Flour Mills and all Food matters at national level.
In Sindh, we have five Food Regions every region is headed by the Deputy Director Food, Government of Sindh. The Director Food, Government of Sindh, and the Secretary for Food Government of Sindh offices are located in Karachi, where the policies of procurements, allocations & distributions of wheat are control and implemented Sindh Zone has total 150 Flour Mills out of which 75 are operating in Karachi and rest of the Flour Mills are established in Hyderabad, Mirpurkhas, Sukkur and Larkana Regions.
The grinding capacity of Sindh Base Flour Mills is 3.60 to 4.00 Million Tons of wheat per annum and as per the survey of World Grain, Karachi is the biggest wheat flour consuming city. More than 20 Billions of Rupees are invested in this industry by the Private Sector and we are providing jobs to thousands of people directly and indirectly.
Being a leading organization of a very important essential commodity, we have a great honour to cater the demand of Millions of people without any failure.
Our industry is maintaining all international standard of Milling such as ISO Certification HASCEP etc. from grinding, packing and to export. We have been exporting wheat flour to Africa, Middle East as well as to Far East.

The Annual Elections are carried out in accordance with the Trade Rules of the Ministry of Commerce. Every year in the Month of September, there are two classes of Members, (Associate & Corporate).
We have a setup to Sixteen Members of the Executive Committee out of which one Chairman and Four Vice Chairmen are being elected to run the entire organization.
Pakistan Flour Mills Association is a legal representative trade body of the Flour Milling Industry. After the enforcement of New Trade Organization Ordinance in June 2007. This Association has granted license No.III dated November 3, 2008 as existing Trade Organization by the Ministry of Commerce. 
This Association is affiliated with the Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry Karachi.